Services that help Children Express Themselves

Our staff offer a full set of speech-language services to help your child communicate. These services are combined in a unique way for each child, enabling every child to develop at his or her own pace.
It’s a fully customized, one-on-one approach that includes:

  • A detailed assessment of your child’s oral-motor skills, speech intelligibility, articulation, and language abilities such as vocabulary and concept development.
  • Speech Techniques that help improve your child’s speech production; for example, oral-motor activities, Talk Tools, visual cues, active listening and positive reinforcement.
  • Language Processes that stimulate your child’s language skills, including expanding your child’s message, allowing your child to lead, and use of strategies to improve the processing of language.
  • Communication Tools and methods that complement vocal development, enabling your child to communicate with symbols, pictures, sign and other non-verbal signals.
  • Consultation and Support for teachers, school personnel, parents, and pediatricians to help ensure that your child gets the assistance and understanding he or she needs.
  • Parent/Home Program – A complement to your child’s onsite therapy that gives you the option to work with your child at home using  techniques, strategies and specific programming.

Who Does Our Staff Treat?

Therapy for  children of all ages with a wide range of speech and language challenges. This includes children with developmental delays, language processing disorders, developmental apraxia and other motor speech disorders.

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